Farming Edit

Genetically modified foods use artificial growth hormones and change the DNA of the crop which allows farmers to yield better and more crops per harvest. Since the crops grow much faster than organic foods, they're more common in stores.

Economic Edit

GMO foods are more abundant because of the different farming practices and artificial growth hormones. It is not as difficult growing organic food which requires more money, work, and time. Because of this. the price of GMO foods is much cheaper than organic foods mainly because there is much more of it to be eaten.


Contamination Edit

When raising genetically modified food, scientists will use a lot of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Wildlife can be involved with these chemicals because plants and animals are more sensitive than people causing risks to the environment.

Health Edit

There are many health concerns around GM foods because of the chemicals used when producing the crops. The chemicals used can trigger dangerous allergic reactions to people. They can also be a negative impact on someones health because when they are used in other food products the ingredients could be unhealthy for a person and negatively impact their overall health. It is not something that people should entirely be afraid of because there are very rare chances of something happening to a person due to genetically modified foods.

Shelf Life Edit

Since GMO foods use preservatives they can last an unusual amount of time longer than organic foods which can also contribute to their low price. Because they have a longer shelf life people prefer these foods when storing over a longer period of time.

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