Farming Edit


Farming organic foods is not an easy task because they don't benefit from the artificial growth hormones used by GMO foods therefore farmers who decide to grow organic end up yielding less crops then the farmers who use artificial growth hormones.

Economic Edit

Growing food without the help of pesticides and other chemicals can make the job a lot more difficult. Needing to have a great maintenance on the crops without the help of growth hormones provides more work and labor. The marketing for organic crops is a lot less efficient than GMO so the supply and demand are both limited. Also, farmers yield much less organic crops than GMO. Therefore, the price of these foods can end up being much higher then the alternative. Because of this many people may choose GMO over organic in order to meet the demands of their budget.


Contamination Edit

Organic foods don't use chemicals like herbicides or pesticides, so they are easily affected by harmful plants, animals, or insects. The contamination of organic crops could be devastating to a harvest and will also affect how much produce there is in total. Stores will then have to change the price of the produce to a higher price. For younger children, it is better to eat organic foods because they could have a more severe reaction to these chemicals used in farming GMO foods. Their weaker bodies that are still growing could change from the chemicals.

Health Edit

Many people believe that choosing to eat organic food will lead to a healthier life style because of the benefits and claims around it. Organically grown foods have do have more health benefits than GMO. They do not have added hormones or preservatives to make the crops bigger but the high price does not make them an instantly good choice for people in general. Organic whole foods is for the people who want a healthier life but general organic products (example: pizza) are not that much different. The way companies can process the food can still make it unhealthy even with organic products used. For younger children, they could have a more severe reaction to the chemicals used in farming GMO foods. Organic whole foods are important for a person trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle not just organic.


Shelf Life Edit

Preservatives that are used to increase foods shelf life aren't used in organically grown foods because of the affect it would have on the food. Because they're no preservatives the shelf life of organic foods is drastically decreased so if they aren't consumed over a while they will spoil.

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