Organic Food Edit

Pros: Edit

1. Organic farming reduces the pollutants in groundwater and creates fertile soil suitable for more plant growth.

2. Organic Foods have a higher nutritional value then GMO foods.

3. Organic food is safer for babies and small children because it does not contain harmful ingredients.

4. Organically farmed animals don't contain artificial growth hormones making them healthier.

5. The fertile soil created from organic farming helps prevent soil erosion.

Cons: Edit

1. Organic foods are around 20% more expensive than GM foods.

2. Organic foods may not always be available because of seasonal growth.

3. There is a much smaller production of organic foods which can contribute to their higher price.

4. Organic foods expire much quicker than GM foods so they are much harder to store.

5. Insects will eat any organic foods that are not stored properly even though they may not actually harm the food.

GMO Edit

Pros: Edit

1. Plants with genetically modified growth hormones can be more resistant to weeds and bugs.

2. Farmers can yield more crops per harvest because of growth hormones.

3. GMO foods have a longer shelf life making them easier for shipping and storing.

4. Tightly sealed GMO foods not only increases shelf life but prevents insects from getting into the food

5. GMO foods are much more abundant making them less expensive than organic foods.

Cons: Edit

1. GMO foods are not as healthy as Organic foods and they taste gross

2. Artificial growth hormones can negatively impact your health.

3. Growing GMO foods in environments that don’t support them will negatively impact that areas environment.

4. Increased rates of food based allergies gained after consuming GMO foods.

5. Increase use of Pesticides and Herbicides negatively impacts the soil and harms the environment.